Forêt saucepan
Forêt saucepan

Forêt saucepan

  • Forged aluminum.
  • Diffuser background.
  • Non-stick Xylan 2 layers.
  • Handles soft touch imitation wood
  • Suitable for all types of kitchens.


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Forged aluminum pan with a diffuser bottom act for all types of hobs, including induction.

2-layer Xylan non-stick, PFOA free.

The glass lid allows you to see the food and control the cooking without uncovering, saving energy.

The evaporator prevents fogging and allows controlled release of excess steam, preventing the lid from lifting.

Soft touch wood imitation handles.

Excellent compromise between quality and lightness.

Dishwasher safe.

Available measurements.

Ø (cm) H (cm)  L Ref. Pack New
16 8 - 18547 1
18 9 - 18549 1


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